Ukraine's foreign minister said Friday, March 31,  that Wimbledon's decision to allow Russian and Belarusian players to compete was "immoral" and urged the UK to bar entry to participants from the two countries.

"Wimbledon's decision to permit the participation of Russian and Belarusian players is immoral. Has Russia ceased its aggression or atrocities? No, it's just that Wimbledon decided to accommodate two accomplices in crime. I call on the UK government to deny visas to their players," Dmytro Kuleba said on social media. 

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william spillman
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Money trumps morality. Wimbledon is just like the IOC, money is everything, doing the right thing means nothing. By allowing Russian and Belarusian players to compete at Wimbledon, the Wimbledon authorities have aligned themselves with Russia and political oppression throughout the world. Every point won by a Russian or Belarusian competitor will be a bullet into the heart of another innocent Ukranian. Good work, Wimbledon. How about if you next support deportation of anyone who disagrees with you to Rwanda? At least there they will be able to compete in all the corrupt IOC events and meaningless competitions, unless of course, the IOP forbids them to even do that. Why don't the corrupt bosses of the IOP and FIFA just sit down and count their money for a while, and let the world try to become fair without their evil influence. Small chance of that, I think, but we can hope.
Florian Danzinger
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I can't understand why Russian's are allowed to enter Western countries. PooTin maintains he is at war with NATO.