A feisty beaver, unwilling to share a trench with Ukrainian soldiers, took a webbed step towards military immortality on Tuesday with the appearance of personal Wikipedia history page devoted to its “decisive victory”

Video of an Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) enlisted soldier attempting, unsuccessfully, to drag the truculent beaver by its tail from a defensive trench somewhere on the eastern front went viral on Mar. 27.

The healthy-appearing adult beaver scrabbled in the dirt, broke free twice, then charge back into the fortification, the second time taking a visible nip at a second AFU fighter standing too close to the entrenchment steps; The video, first released on TikTok, shows the battle in all its glory.

Ukrainian news platforms and social media cheerily passed along the latest development in the “battle beaver” saga on Apr. 2: a screen shot of a Wikipedia page crediting the beaver with a “decisive victory” over six AFU soldiers in the “Battle of the Trench”.


Kyiv Post couldn’t authenticate the creation of the Wikipedia page as a search of publicly-accessible pages did not contain the entry as shown in the screen shot.

Beavers are native to Ukraine’s northern wetlands and at times are a thorn in the side of farmers and road builders who prefer that fields stay dry.

In January the British Sky News television channel, citing AFU officers, said that extensive canals and ponds excavated by beavers living in swampland to the north of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv would serve as an effective deterrent to a major Russian invasion from the north (Belarus) because, as a result of the war, what limited dry land there is in the sector was now waterlogged.

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Gerhart Brunjewerte
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What ever the source, a beaver is looking for water. Now that he finds trenches he has to find water to fill up and he will look around until he finds it. The only way to stop it is to kill it and, although a bit rubbery, they are sustaining life. Happy Easter.