Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba says that his main message at the meeting of the Ukraine–NATO commission, which was held for the first time in 6 years, was that the forthcoming Alliance summit in Vilnius was an opportunity to correct the mistakes of the 2008 Bucharest summit.

“In short, my message was the following: Vilnius 2023 is an opportunity to correct the mistakes of Bucharest 2008,” Kuleba said at a briefing following a meeting of the Ukraine-NATO commission in Brussels on April 4.

The minister stressed the importance of the fact that for the first time in six years, a meeting of the Ukraine-NATO commission was held. According to him, this is an important mechanism not only for discussions, but also for allies to make the necessary decisions.

“I cannot give you access to the text of my speech, but I will say this: I have said everything that Ukraine thinks about the argument of some countries that Ukraine's membership in NATO is not relevant now, but the maximum strengthening of NATO support for Ukraine is relevant. There was a frank conversation on this topic, they said everything they thought. The allies should discuss this and finally reach a clear result that will be achieved at the Vilnius summit,” the Foreign Minister said.

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