German media outlet Bild released a video showing what is believed to be the first Ukrainian artillery strike on Russian military personnel and equipment across the border.

It was geolocated near the village of Tsapovka in Belgorod region, 1.3 kilometers from the border with Ukraine where Kharkiv Oblast is situated. The location was identified on Twitter by user SerDer_Daniels identified the location - with coordinates - and said it was a field next to a farm.

The Russian positions were discovered by Ukrainian scouts from the 4th Kharkiv border detachment, Bild reported.

Independent Russian media outlet Mediazona said the video was posted on April 2 by the Kharkiv garrison commander Sergei Melnik. Melnik’s caption said the target consisted of “equipment belonging to the occupiers, personnel equipping positions, and trucks.”


Melnik said: “Thanks to professional cooperation with artillery gunners, the target was immediately destroyed.”

Bild’s reporter, Julian Röpcke, said on Twitter that it was the first video that the Ukrainian military had published showing a cross-border attack on Russian soil.

According to Röpcke “the Russian army planned to advance from these positions in the direction of Kharkiv.”

Röpcke summed up: “By launching preventative strikes on Russian territory, Ukraine is showing that it’s protecting itself more and more confidently, and that it’s no longer letting the West dictate how it defends itself.”

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