Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky met the mayors of four Polish cities during an official visit to Poland, on Apr. 6. He took the opportunity to formally thank them, for the support they had provided for Ukrainian refugees fleeing the Russian invasion, and to present them with Ukrainian badges of honor naming them as a "Rescue City," reported the President's press office.


The head of state thanked the mayor of Rzeszow, Konrad Fijoleku, the mayor of Peremyshl, Wojciech Bakun, the mayor of Lublin, Krzysztof Zhuku, and the mayor of Chełm, Jakub Banaszek for their unprecedented support for the millions of Ukrainians forced to seek sanctuary from war.


"These are extraordinary heads of cities now with their teams. They showed that there are no borders between our countries. You are extraordinary people who, together with rescuers and volunteers, were the first to receive our people fleeing from the Russian occupier, who were saving their children," said the President.



In particular, Zelensky admitted that hundreds of reception points for Ukrainians in the Polish border area had been set up as well as the establishment of hubs and logistics centers to collect and transfer humanitarian goods to Ukraine.


For his part, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, stressed that Poles had wholeheartedly provided the necessary assistance to Ukrainian citizens.

The EU Suspends Import Duties and Quotas on Ukrainian Exports for Another Year
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The EU Suspends Import Duties and Quotas on Ukrainian Exports for Another Year

The so-called “trade visa-free” regime was voted with restrictions for Ukraine’s agricultural exports after hard-nosed negotiations with the Polish farmers who blockaded Ukraine’s western border.


The Ukrainian President also presented the Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise of the fifth degree to the honorary consul of Ukraine in Peremyshl, Oleksandr Bachyk, who was awarded for his significant personal efforts to strengthen interstate cooperation, supporting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and a weighty contribution to the promotion of the Ukrainian state in the world.


On Apr 5 President Zelensky and the Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, signed a protocol on delivering defense equipment to Ukraine. This new Polish defense package includes,Rosomak” armored personnel carriers, “Rak” self-propelled mortars, “Perun” air defense systems, and MiG -29 aircraft.

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