The US Department of Justice on Saturday said it has begun an investigation into a trove of leaked US documents, many related to Ukraine, that have spread to the internet.

The breach appears to include assessments and secret intelligence reports that touch not only on Ukraine and Russia but also highly sensitive analyses of US allies.

“We have been in communication with the Department of Defense related to this matter and have begun an investigation,” a Justice Department spokesperson told AFP.

A steady drip of dozens of leaked documents and slides have made their way onto Twitter, Telegram, Discord and other social media and chat sites in recent days, and new documents continue to surface.

The Pentagon said Friday it was “actively reviewing the matter” and that it had formally referred the apparent breach to the Justice Department.


US officials told the Washington Post that some documents appeared to be manipulated but many were consistent with CIA World Intelligence Review reports that are shared at high levels within the White House, Pentagon and State Department.

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Johnny From Space
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There are places in this world where hardworking men and women brief the oncoming shift every 8 hours. It's an in-depth brief about an area of interest they are tasked with staying completely informed on. These Intelligence People use complex systems and All-Source Fusion to paint a picture of the battle space, or the political arena, whatever. Not a single one of them uses any of the intelligence that has been found on the internet. None of the leaked data is time-sensitive enough to be actionable. There aren't enough people to sift through it for what may be important. No one who does intelligence for a living is sweating. It's rumor. It's low value. The stuff of conspiracy theories. You can't tell the truth from the lies. But those people I mentioned above - they know. They're watching your backs. Happy Easter, the Lord has risen.