The Armed Forces of Ukraine have again hit a vital bridge near Kherson.

“On the morning of August 25, the Ukrainian military launched new strikes on the Antonivsky bridge connecting Kherson with the left bank, including with Oleshky and Hola Prystan,” the South Operational Command reported on Facebook.

“The condition of the Antonivsky Bridge has been corrected once again, contrary to the intentions of the Russian occupiers. Given the damage and continuous fire control, occupying forces don’t currently dare to use or repair the bridge,” the South Operational Command added via spokeswoman Natalya Humenyuk.

She confirmed that the bridge had been shelled.

“The Armed Forces did everything to prevent the Russian occupiers from using the bridge to transport heavy equipment and ammunition,” Humenyuk reported.

“Repair crews have also been evacuated, realizing that fire control is not stopping.”

On August 24, the Armed Forces of Ukraine once again hit the bridge near the hydroelectric power station in Kherson Region.

“Kherson Region. Nova Kakhovka — the Armed Forces once again hit the bridge near the hydroelectric power station,” Kherson Regional Council deputy Serhiy Khlan wrote on Facebook.

“Again, clearly on target,” he added.

Khlan said on August 22 that  the Armed Forces of Ukraine are striking the Antonivsky Bridge.

It became known on August 23 that after significant damage to the Antonivsky Bridge, which connects the left and right banks of the River Dnipro near Kherson, the Russian invaders began to build a pontoon bridge nearby.

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