As tensions escalate in the eastern region of Ukraine the Chief of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC), Oleksiy Danilov, has disclosed that orders to initiate any counteroffensive against Russian forces will be made at the last minute.


In an interview with Germany’s ARD Tagesschau news program, the NSDC Secretary shed light on the strategies Ukrainian forces would adopt in response to enemy actions.


He revealed that the decision to launch a counteroffensive would be based on real-time intelligence and assessments of the enemy's movements at the time.


"If someone thinks we have only one option, then this is not so. Even three options are not enough," Danilov said.


The NSDC Chief further explained that the Ukrainian forces constantly monitor the situation on the front lines and gather intelligence to identify the enemy's intentions.



According to Danilov, Kyiv maintains constant communication with key allies such as the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Poland. However, detailed information about specific military operations, including the number of units involved and the areas they will cover, is considered top secret.


The official dismissed CNN claims that leaked classified papers from the Pentagon had caused Ukraine to amend its military plans. He emphasized that only a few people are privy to Ukraine's plans.


The security official also expressed indifference towards the leak of classified documents, stating that some information can be found in publicly available sources and that the US and UK agencies would determine the source and motive behind the leak.

Two Years into Russia-Ukraine War, Negotiations a Distant Prospect
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Two Years into Russia-Ukraine War, Negotiations a Distant Prospect

2024 will be another year of war because Ukraine is determined to keep on fighting to recapture territory, while Putin will only be satisfied with Kyiv's full surrender, analysts and diplomats say.


Nevertheless, the official believes Ukraine’s own special services should exercise greater vigilance in safeguarding sensitive information. Earlier, an advisor from the President's Office had stated that the leaked documents did not disclose any data relating to Ukraine's Armed Forces plans for a counteroffensive.

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