In a wide-ranging interview with RBC-Ukraine, on April 24,  Kyrylo Budanov, the head of Ukraine's military intelligence, revealed that Ukraine is preparing for the most significant battle in its recent history.

"Like it or not, we are approaching a momentous battle for Ukraine's recent history. It is a fact, and everyone understands this. When it will start must remain a secret. But everyone understands it is drawing closer," he said.

Budanov made an optimistic prediction for an early end to the war which would allow Ukraine to regain its 1991 borders. He based this on a detailed analysis of the situation, figures, dynamics, graphs and classified information.

He also noted that discussing counter-offensive plans in public, such as on a reality TV show, makes preparations more difficult, on the one hand, but has a positive effect on the morale of Ukrainians on the other.


"In my opinion, public discussion gets in the way; it definitely complicates things and has a downside. By winding our society up with claims that we will soon go on the attack, liberate everyone, liberate everything, destroy our enemies, and so on - has the same galvanizing effect on the enemy," Budanov said.

"The Russian masses are watching all this too. They think: look what they are doing on these stupid programs; they are scared, they are afraid. So, there are both pluses and minuses here," he added.

Russian Troops Reportedly Regroup in Kharkiv Sector
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Russian Troops Reportedly Regroup in Kharkiv Sector

A Ukrainian officer said the situation in the Kharkiv sector remains difficult, though he added there have been no significant changes in frontline positions.

Budanov also highlighted that Russia is trying to build up its missile capabilities, to disrupt Ukraine's offensive operations.

"Russia is continuing to produce new missiles in the meantime. It is accumulating them to disrupt our offensive operations. That's what they are hoping for. Most of these missiles will be used in active combat operationsand at the same time, they are building up their conventional capabilities," he warned.

In addition, Budanov confirmed that a recent visit to the occupied territories by someone claiming to be Putin was actually by a double.


"It was a double. The give-away was the lack of security we saw for the alleged Putin’s visit to the South. There is a certain protocol they never violate whenever he travels. He always travels on a presidential flight escorted by military aircraft. This time that didn’t happen, they forgot. Mistakes happen," he revealed.

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