Ukraine's Defense Minister, Oleksiy Reznikov, announced on Friday, April 28, that the country is prepared for a counteroffensive, pending necessary weather conditions and final decisions from the military command.

"Preparations are coming to an end, and in addition to weapons and equipment, our military personnel still need to be trained on their usage," Reznikov stated, speaking at a press conference.

He further noted that the country has received "very modern systems, especially in the area of armored vehicles," including Leopard 2 and Challenger tanks, with Leopard 1 arriving later.

However, the Abrams tanks cannot participate in the counteroffensive as crews are still undergoing training.

Reznikov highlighted that Ukraine has "a large number of armored vehicles of various types, including Bradleys, Marders, Strykers, and C90s," with preparatory courses nearing completion.


While some promised equipment has been prepared and partially delivered, some equipment is still being used for training purposes. The crews with the equipment will arrive at the necessary place when the commander-in-chief determines.

The Minister emphasized that Ukraine is ready for a counteroffensive in a global sense, and the decision now rests with the General Staff and the command.

"As soon as the weather conditions and the commanders' decision align with God's will, we will act," Reznikov concluded.

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