The coronation of 74-year-old King Charles III takes place at Westminster Abbey on May 6, the first coronation ceremony for a British monarch in 70 years - the previous ceremony was held in 1953 for Elizabeth II. During the coronation of the new sovereign, a logo designed by a graphic artist from Odesa will be displayed.

Yelyzaveta Zubenko won the competition for the best design of an unofficial logo for the coronation of Charles III. The jury stated that the Ukrainian's work best reflects the idea of the event and the spirit of partnership and friendship that exists between Ukraine and the UK. The unofficial logo of the 2023 coronation does not replace any official symbols of the Crown, but will be used as a decorative element during the Coronation celebrations.

"I was able to find ideas and get inspiration from different sources such as literature, cinema and talking to people, all of which helped me to expand my knowledge and find new images and ideas for my creative process. In addition, I focused more on the things related to the United Kingdom, to understand its culture and traditions, thus adding new ideas to my work. The logo consists of the classic attribute of a king - the Crown - and the unofficial anthem "God Save the King". When I combined the two, I got an interesting concept that I decided to keep. I borrowed the color scheme from the flags of our countries. Since blue is used as a national color in Ukraine and the UK, I decided that this color would symbolize the unity and friendship of our nations.

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I was outside, walking along the streets of my hometown Odesa with my sister, when I found out I had won. It was hard for me to breathe because I don't get such unexpected news every day. The nice thing was that when you take part in a contest, you are focused on making good work that is made according to all the canons and rules of design. But when in the end you get such an unusual (in a good way) assessment of your work, you start to be proud of what you can do and what you have learnt, of course, not without the help of your family, friends and teachers," Yelyzaveta Zubenko commented in relation to her feelings about the victory and the content of the logo to the KyivPost .


The contestants' projects were evaluated by representatives of the British Embassy in Kyiv, Head of BRAND UKRAINE Maria Lypyatska and Head of the Study UK Design, Architecture and Fashion Program at the British Council, Hanna Robinson.

"We are delighted to announce that designer Yelyzaveta Zubenko has won the competition for the best design of the unofficial logo for the coronation of His Majesty King Charles III," reads a post on the British Embassy Kyiv Facebook page.

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