While UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is in Ukraine on an official visit, Russia has “announced” provocations at the Zaporizhzia Nuclear Power Plant.

The Russian Ministry of Defense, renowned for spreading propaganda, announced that Ukraine was allegedly preparing “provocations” at the Zaporizhia NPP on August 19, via numerous Russian State-controlled media outlets.

At the same time, the commander of the Russian occupiers threatened to stop the Zaporizhia NPP, with Russian officials seeking to disconnect the Zaporizhzia NPP from the Ukrainian power system and try to connect it to Crimea when the nuclear power plant goes into blackout mode.

In this case, the Zaporizhia NPP generators will not be able to use fuel to ensure the cooling process that is needed in the event of a power outage at the plant.


On August 17, Minister of Energy of Ukraine, Herman Halushchenko, announced the creation of a significant crisis headquarters based on state enterprise National Nuclear Energy Generating Company “Energoatom” (SE NEGC Energoatom).

“There are appropriate procedures for headquarters functions. Many ministries, departments, and institutions are involved in full coordination,” Halushchenko said. “We are working 24/7 and monitor the situation around the Zaporizhzhia NPP online”.

Meanwhile, Minister of Internal Affairs Denys Monastyrsky noted that as long as the station is under the control of Russian troops there will be a threat posed to the surrounding areas. He emphasized that all responsibility for what is happening at the station currently lies on Russia, adding: “We have to prepare for various scenarios that are possible.”

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Petro Kotin, president of SE NEGC Energoatom, stated:

“The situation at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant remains dangerous and continues to deteriorate. During the last three weeks, the efforts of the Russian invaders to damage the station’s equipment have become increasingly intense. The occupant’s fire at the Zaporizhzhia NPP and the lines connecting it to the unified energy system of Ukraine. It is hazardous!”

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