The governor of Russia's Voronezh region, Alexander Gusev, said on Telegram that two drones attempted to attack a military facility in the region early on Wednesday morning, May 10.

"Early this morning, an attack attempt by two enemy UAVs was thwarted at a Voronezh military facility. As a result of measures, one of them deviated from the course and fell, the second was destroyed by fire," Gusev reported.

According to him, Russian law enforcement agencies and the local military command were working together to establish “a set of additional measures aimed at ensuring security is being implemented. I keep the situation under personal control," the Russian governor added.

However, Russian Telegram channels claim that two drones attacked a military training ground in the Voronezh region on the night of May 9 / 10.


The Russian Telegram channel ‘Baza,’ said "two UAVs filled with explosives flew to the training ground and exploded during the fall. About 14 servicemen were injured. According to preliminary data, there were no fatalities."

Additionally, "Baza" reports that an unknown flying object had been shot down near the military airfield in the Voronezh region on the morning of May 9.

Initial reports suggests that the object was flying at an altitude of 500 meters and was shot down 6 kilometers from the airfield.

According to the Russians, special services employees discovered the wreckage of the object near a local cemetery later that day.

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No one was injured as a result of falling debris and the wreckage has been sent for examination.

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