Russia once again launched a wave of kamikaze drones at cities across Ukraine, injuring at least eleven people in Mykolaiv and damaging critical infrastructure in the Khmelnytskyi region.

Kyiv was also the target of several drones, but all were shot down by the capital’s air defences, according to authorities.

A total of 21 drones were used in the attack, 17 of which were intercepted.

Serhii Popko, head of the Kyiv city military administration, said in a post on Telegram: "The sixth air attack on the capital since the beginning of May.

“This time, the enemy launched an attack using only unmanned aerial vehicles. According to preliminary information, Iranian-made Shahed loitering munitions moving in the direction of the capital were detected in the airspace during the latest air raid alert, which lasted 2.5 hours in Kyiv.


“All enemy drones that were moving toward Kyiv were successfully destroyed. We are grateful to air defense forces." he said.

In Mykolaiv, a five-story residential building and a shop were both hit.

Khmelnytskyi Mayor Oleksandr Symchyshyn, said: "We are now checking the aftermath of this terrorist attack. 

"As of now, there are 11 injured, one person has been taken to the hospital, but his life is not in danger. The degree of injuries of the others is glass cuts, injuries from blows as a result of the falling ceiling and doors." 



“Three people were injured.”

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In the Khmelnytskyi region to the west of the capital, as-yet-unspecified critical infrastructure was hit but no injuries have been reported at this time.

"Keep calm. The relevant services are working. Some trains will be running today according to the modified schedule," the Khmelnytskyi regional military administration said on Telegram.

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