During unsuccessful Russian attempts to intercept their rockets, Ukrainian forces attacked the Antonovsky bridge for the second consecutive night. HIMARS, which was provided by the US, was used by Ukraine to evade Russian air defence attempts to halt the strikes. An attack by a multiple rocket launcher that was captured on camera repeatedly hit the bridge.

Additionally, it appeared that Russian bridge-repair tools were destroyed in the missile attack that occurred at night. Thousands of Russian troops are effectively cut off and trapped in the occupied city of Kherson thanks to the successful attack.

The Antonovsky Bridge on the Dnipro River is one of Russia’s only several options for resupplying its military services.

The city, which is still the only regional capital to have fallen to President Putin’s forces in the conflict, is being gradually encircled by Ukraine.


Reacting to the footage, an individual currently in Kyiv known as @JayinKyiv tweeted:  “The futility of Russian air protection’s a number of makes an attempt, a number of absolute precision strikes by Ukrainian HiMARS early this morning on Antonovsky Bridge.”

“Unbelievable accuracy. Russia can do nothing.”

The British Ministry of Defence asserted on Saturday that Russian forces in the area are limited to just two pontoon bridges as a result of the damage to Russia’s supply line into Kherson.

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Prior to last night’s bridge strikes, the MoD stated: “In recent days, Russia has only succeeded in making superficial repairs to the broken Antonivsky street bridge, which appears to be structurally undermined.”

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