An ethnic Chechen allegedly friends with Chechen Republic leader Ramzan Kadyrov, has been identified by the Security Services of Ukraine (SBU) as the perpetrator of a heinous crime.

According to Ukrainian security authorities, Akhmat Bisaev captured a Ukrainian youth whom he planned to interrogate, with a weapon held to the youth’s head, interrogating him as to the location of Ukrainian troops. The boy, who refused the advances of the Russian soldier, was then put into a war where he was abused and threatened with death.

The boy, who is from the Kyiv region is said to have been at home in his village of Babyntsi, when the occupier broke into his home, along with several others that were looted, and began to demand answers.

The Chechen occupier was part of the Special Mobile Detachment (OMON), which is under the Chechen Republic’s National Guard.


Torture by Russian soldiers has been widespread throuhgout the war. Revelations, this past spring, of the high quantity of murders, rapes, and robberies that occurreed during Russia’s occupation of the regions near Kyiv shocked the world.

Ukrainian authorities, per their mandate, can only prosecute Russians for violations of Ukrainian law and there is widespread hope in Ukraine that, eventually, international war crimes trials will be organized to bring the Russian criminals to justice – as happened after World War II during the Nuremberg trials.

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