A series of explosions rocked Kyiv once again on Monday morning, just hours after a massive overnight missile and drone attack against the capital.


Air raid sirens sounded just after 11 a.m. Some social media reports suggest the first explosions were heard before they sounded.


Kyiv Post reporters in central Kyiv heard two explosions followed by around 12 more shortly after.





A Kyiv Post reporter observed six missiles fired from a heavy, ground-based, Ukrainian army anti-aircraft system about 11:20.  At least three missiles were seen to hit separate flying objects over Kyiv city, destroying them.


Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko said at 11:30: “The attack on Kyiv continues. Don’t leave the shelters!”


The all clear was given at 12:23 and preliminary reports suggest all missiles were intercepted.


Yuriy Ignat, spokesperson for the Ukrainian Air Force said Russia may have used ballistic missiles in the attack.


Klitschko later reported one person had been injured and missile debris is reported to have fallen in at least three districts of the capital. Pictures posted to social media showed a burning object on a road in the Obolon district. 


Sergiy Popko, head of Kyiv's city administration, said that Russians struck in the morning when "most residents were at work and on the streets".

"The Russians are clearly demonstrating that they are aiming to destroy the civilian population," he said on Telegram.

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"Debris was recorded falling in different parts of the city," Popko said, adding that information on casualties was currently being clarified.

In the earlier hours of Monday morning, Kyiv's air defenses repelled more than 60 Russian drones and missiles during what was the 15th attack on the capital this month.

Valery Zaluzhny, commander-in-chief of Ukraine's armed forces, said on social media on Monday morning that a total of "up to 40 missiles" and "around 35 drones" had been launched, of which 37 and 29 were downed.

In the western city of Khmelnytsky, regional authorities said Russian troops attacked a military facility overnight.

In a rare admission of the damage, they said "five aircraft have been put out of action."

Work was underway to localise fires at fuel and lubricant warehouses and repair a runway, the statement said.

Russia on Monday also targeted a settlement in the eastern Dnipropetrovsk region, killing one man and wounding nine people including a 11-year-old child, local authorities said.

A missile attack on a village in the eastern Kharkiv region left six people wounded, including a pregnant woman and children aged 10 and 14, the authorities said.

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I support
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Keep that ammo coming

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Russia doesn't want Kyiv to celebrate Kyiv day. Foolish Russia. They couldn't stop it.

“In a record-breaking Russian attack, Ukrainian defenders shot down 58/59 drones” said a tweet from the Defense of Ukraine. That's pretty remarkable. One would think, that Putin would begin to run out of drones and missiles. We know Iran supplies Russia with drones and I can't help but wonder if China too is supplying Russia with weapons. Iran should be heavily sanctioned to the point that they regret supplying drones to Russia. China too, if they're supplying weapons. And personally, I think they are. I don't trust China, Russia, Iran or North Korea. All are bad actors within the “Axis of Evil.”

There's only one man who can stop Putin and it's not President Biden, either. It's President Zelensky. He must be given all the necessary weaponry he needs to finish the job.

Slava Ukraini!

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I support
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@ThoughtLife.God, I agree it's the Ukrainians that should lead the way. We in the west must support with everything they need . F16s are good but ammo for their air defence is crucial.

Del-amitry Dedvedev
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Dobby is getting more and more frustrated clearly