In a recent televised interview on May 29, Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko couldn’t help but wonder why Muscovites enjoy a peaceful life while Kyiv residents suffer the relentless “nightmares” inflicted by Russian forces.

According to the capital’s mayor, while Kyiv has endured a staggering 17 attacks by Russian forces since the start of May, Moscow has managed to maintain its regular routine. Klitschko suggests it would be enlightening for Moscow’s residents to experience the same conditions that Kyiv has endured for the past year and a half. 

With a touch of irony, he directed his query to Mr. Zaluzhny, the commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

 “There is only one thing I can't understand, and I can address this question to Mr. Zaluzhny. If Russians can ‘nightmare’ the capital of Ukraine, why do residents of Moscow, the capital of Russia, have a siesta?” Klitschko said.


“Such things could be done so that each of them feels what it means to live in such conditions as Kyiv has been living in for a year and a half.” 

Attacks on Kyiv have taken place almost every night in May, primarily involving missiles and drones. The Kyiv City Military Administration(KMVA) previously explained that in this way, the invaders want to deplete the resources of the Ukrainian air defense system.

In addition, constant attacks are designed to keep peaceful Ukrainian civilians in deep psychological tension.

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On the night of May 29, Russian troops attacked Ukrainians with missiles and drones, and Ukrainian defenders destroyed 40 incoming weapons in the sky.

Later in the day, the Russians launched 11 Iskander-M and Iskander-K missiles at the Kyiv Region. Officials say that the Ukrainian defenders managed to shoot down all the missiles. 

On the night of May 30, Russia attacked Ukraine again, launching 31 kamikaze drones. Air defense forces shot down almost all enemy drones. The head of the KMVA Sergey Popko noted that due to falling debris in different districts of the capital, there were reports of fires, destruction of residential and non-residential facilities, and damage to cars.


Unfortunately, there are victims.

“One person was killed, and seven were injured in various degrees of severity. All but one person was reported in the Holosiivsky District of the city, where debris hit a multi-story building,” he wrote.

Moscow also experienced a drone attack on the night of May 30, albeit with minor damage to a few buildings. The city’s mayor, Sergei Sobyanin, promptly assured everyone that the situation was under control and no serious injuries were reported.

While those behind the Moscow drone attack remain unidentified, Russia’s defense ministry wasted no time in accusing Ukraine of orchestrating a “terrorist attack.” The Kremlin claimed to have successfully intercepted all eight Ukrainian drones allegedly aimed at Moscow.

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He is right Russian bombing every day is criminal civilians are the targets. So if some drones hit Moscow why not. I would be pissed of as well it must be horrible seeing the constant attacks kyiv.