First Lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska, spoke to France’s LCI channel about Ukrainian resistance to the Russian invasion, and urged western governments not to forget about ongoing war crimes being committed against Ukrainian civilians. Below is a statement from the official office of the Ukrainian president. 

In particular, commenting on the host’s words about the possibility of peace with Russia at any cost, which is increasingly being talked about in the West, she noted: “This is what people who are not in Ukraine say. Only one whose life is not in danger can be a pacifist. We in Ukraine cannot afford this. Making concessions to Russia would mean that the stronger has the right to attack. If we allow this, then we will find ourselves in a world in which the main thing is the right of force.”


Answering the question whether she is afraid of the fatigue of the residents of Western countries from the war in Ukraine and the fact that they will be frightened by the increase in the price of gas, the wife of the President emphasized that there is no point for Ukrainians to be afraid of this, as the worst thing has already happened to them.

“If I was a resident of these countries, I would fear for myself. Forgetting the war is the kind of tolerance to violence that Russia is counting on. As soon as everyone prioritizes their energy prices or the fact that it won’t be as warm as last year, Russia will achieve its goal. I would like to remind the viewers in Europe that energy prices are also rising in our country. We also do not know what will happen with the heating. Some of our houses are without windows, and heating there is physically impossible. We also have COVID. But in addition to this, we are being killed. They kill faster than we manage to tell about it,” the First Lady said.

Body of Mother Found Still Holding 4-Month-Old Son in Odesa
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Body of Mother Found Still Holding 4-Month-Old Son in Odesa

Photos of the victims began appearing on social networks not long after the attacks. 

Olena Zelenska also expressed hope for the faster help of Western countries to Ukraine given regular terrorist actions of Russia against the civilian population.

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