On August 10, the Danish Ministry of Defense announced that it would join the UK-led initiative to train the Ukrainian military, involving 130 soldiers. At the same time, the country’s representative office has also offered to train Ukrainian soldiers in Denmark.

A sum of 110 million euros (approximately $113.6 million) is being allocated to the project to support the Ukrainian military.

“Ukraine still needs support in its fight against the Russian invasion, so Denmark is increasing assistance in the field of military training. Dialogue has started with Ukraine regarding support in the training of command staff and support for the Territorial Defense Forces of Ukraine,” the Danish Ministry of Defense said in a statement.


On August 11, Copenhagen will also host a donor conference co-organized by Ukraine, Great Britain and Denmark, with a view to improving Ukraine’s defense capabilities. The conference will feature new initiatives to help Ukraine in its defense against Russia.

On June 17, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson proposed the training program to President Volodymyr Zelensky. He noted that the U.K.’s military can provide training for up to 10,000 Ukrainian servicemen every 120 days.

Subsequently, Great Britain invited Canada and the countries of the Joint Expeditionary Force (JEF) to join the training program. Canada responded by reviving the UNIFIER military training mission and sending more than 200 instructors.

EU Foreign Ministers to Meet in Brussels, Not Budapest, Over Ukraine Diplomacy Spat
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EU Foreign Ministers to Meet in Brussels, Not Budapest, Over Ukraine Diplomacy Spat

Hungary’s repeated uncoordinated steps to speak against EU unity must “have some formal consequences,” EU’s top diplomat Josep Borrell said.

Sweden also announced the dispatch of approximately 120 instructors and Finland sent 20 instructors.

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