The old image of journalists being middle aged, chain-smoking boozers couldn’t be further away from the reality of the Kyiv Post team. It has brought together a wide variety of people of all ages, from different parts of the world, with different experiences, different skills and different lives outside of work. 

Our publication employs people who bring ability and skills to support its all-important role of telling Ukraine and the world the truths of what is happening in this part of the world. Its management subscribe to the view that age is just a number on a calendar – it’s who you are and what you add to the team that’s important.

Our approach is amply exemplified by our youngest journalist, 21-year-old Anna Neplii. She joined the editorial office of Kyiv Post, aged 20 and just as she was finishing her third year as a presenter of television programs at the Institute of Journalism at the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. During this apprenticeship year with us, Anna passed all of the many "professional tests" that would not only contribute to passing her degree but allowed her to improve her skills and competence towards her chosen career.  


The technical skills she acquired at the university, which included public speaking classes, gave Anna the confidence to stand in front of a camera, to create video interviews and to speak to audiences. She gave two presentations to a conference organized by the Ukrainian Security and Cooperation Center (USCC) at the Romanian Parliament building in Bucharest in early June.

Polish-Ukrainian Reconciliation – Bridging the Gap
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Polish-Ukrainian Reconciliation – Bridging the Gap

In the emotionally charged period of Polish-Ukrainian historical disputes, against the backdrop of Russia’s brutal war on Ukraine, events are taking place that build bridges between people.

On June 20, Anna Neplii defended her bachelor's degree at the Institute of Journalism scoring a staggering 99% in her final assessment. 

"I am proud of Anna and her achievements, despite her young age. In addition to her creative ideas, I admire our student's perseverance in the context of achieving her goals. I am also proud of the way it represents and protects Ukraine's interests in the international arena. Anna showed that over the years of her studies, she has processed and effectively used in practice all the knowledge gained, especially those related to public speaking," summed up the artistic director of the creative workshop of leading television programs, as well as the actor and dubbing director Kostyantyn Linartovych. 


Although the Bachelor's degree in Ukraine could mark the completion of Anna’s higher education, she has characteristically decided to keep learning and progressing and is planning to take the entrance exams for admission to the master's program at the same Institute of Journalism. 

She’s also been very active on the volunteering front, helping to procure a much-needed utility vehicle for one military drone team operating on the Eastern front.

We at Kyiv Post are proud of Anna and all of our talented colleagues and sincerely wish them success and inspiration in achieving all their goals, professional and personal, for the future.

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