Zelensky's speech in the Verkhovna Rada was attended by Commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny, Prime Minister Denis Shmygal, Defense Minister Alexey Reznikov, NSDC Secretary Alexey Danilov, ministers, representatives of the presidential office, and other high-ranking officials.


"27 years ago, the Constitution of our state was adopted in this Hall of the Verkhovna Rada, and I congratulate you today on the Constitution Day of Ukraine. Our beautiful Ukraine, which, despite everything, retains its free soul and is guided by its people," the head of state said.


According to him, Ukraine needs a doctrine. Zelensky proposed it for national discussion. The president announced five main guidelines, which can be further elaborated through specific individual points determined by the nation as important:



  • Philosophy of victory
  • Globality of Ukrainian security
  • Heroes' policy
  • Justice policy
  • Transformations in 10 years: new foreign policy, new economy, new relations between the state and society, development of all territories, education and science, culture, the level of security and freedom in Ukraine.


The president emphasized that Ukraine's victory entails the expulsion of all Russian military formations, mercenaries, and militants from the entire territory of the country, the return of all prisoners and deportees, and the restoration of sovereignty within internationally recognized borders.


Zelensky also stated that Ukraine will choose its own alliances for its future, including membership in the European Union and NATO.


Zelensky on the war:


"Ukraine will never agree to any option of a frozen conflict. None," the president of Ukraine said.

Poland and Ukraine Sign Security Agreement
Other Topics of Interest

Poland and Ukraine Sign Security Agreement

Intriguingly, the agreement refers to “cooperation in shooting down and countering air attacks” from Russia heading towards Poland. Will this help protect the skies over western Ukraine?


In his opinion, Ukraine will help all other peoples of the world with its formula for peace.

Zelensky stressed that the Ukrainian component is what the European Union lacks.


After Ukraine's victory, the allies will want our brigades to be stationed on the land of our neighbors. NATO will guarantee security for Ukraine, and our defense and security forces will guarantee security for other members of the Alliance.


"For this to become a reality, we only need one thing – that all our partners in the Alliance stop looking back at the Kremlin when making their important decisions. Even the internal forces of Russia itself have stopped looking back at the frail owner of the Kremlin," Zelensky said.



Ukraine's victory is a guarantee of security and restoration of territorial integrity for Moldova, Georgia, a new force for the South Caucasus, peace and calm for Belarus, energy for the Baltic-Black Sea axis, a guarantee of security and protection from manipulation for the whole of Central Asia, a chance for the Middle East, and a guarantee that African countries will stop being robbed by Russians.


Other presidential statements:


  • It is necessary to legalize medicines based on medical cannabis.
  • Veterans should also be part of the civil service in Ukraine.
  • He proposed officially consolidating the status of English as one of the languages of international communication in Ukraine.
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