A draft bill was published on the official website of the Verkhovna Rada on June 28, proposing the official recognition of English as one of Ukraine’s languages for international communication.

 President Volodymyr Zelensky is the initiator of the draft law, known as No. 9432. The proposed document aims to specify the positions that require English proficiency. These positions include civil service employees, tax and customs authorities, police officers, high-ranking officials in law enforcement agencies, civil protection services, prosecutors, heads of public sector business entities, and military officers serving under a contract. 

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The requirement for English proficiency may also be applicable to candidates for positions in local self-government bodies that involve international cooperation responsibilities.


The draft law emphasizes the need to standardize the use of English in the functioning of state and local authorities, local self-government bodies, and emergency services for the public. It also highlights its importance in areas such as education, culture, transportation, and healthcare, including when crossing the national border.

Certain positions will require candidates to pass an English proficiency exam, while others will need to provide a certificate demonstrating their level of English proficiency. The draft law suggests an additional 10 percent salary payment for officials who meet a certain level of foreign language proficiency.

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The bill has been under preparation since June 17, as announced by Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal. The government aims to develop solutions that make English learning more accessible to the general population.

However, lawyer Andrii Smoly analyzed the bill of President Zelensky and noted that, in his opinion, the law de-facto narrows the use of the Ukrainian language in Ukraine. 

As an example, he cites paragraph 4 of article 9 — “foreign films are shown in cinemas in English with Ukrainian subtitles.”


“That is, de-facto Ukrainian dubbing will simply disappear from cinemas from 2027. Why can’t you make Sessions in English in parallel?” Smoly wrote in his official Telegram channel. 

In addition, Smoly stressed that according to the transitional provisions, the draft law is being amended so that films or programs can also be broadcast in English on television — at the expense of the state language.  

“We have already approved the state language, especially on television, in order to ‘replace’ it with another one? There are a lot of other opportunities to establish knowledge of English, but not at the expense of Ukrainian, which has just begun its path of formation,” Smoly summed up.

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Dr Charles Balogun (MD)
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This is a good move. Needless to say Ukrainian Language is only spoken in Ukraine, and if you desire to join EU you should be able to speak or make English,French or German a secondary Language. Needless to say English Language is an Official Language in 86 countries, so it only makes sense that way, Plus most Ukrainian can't communicate once they Leave Ukrainian border, and this is terrible and sad.
Now for some people that won't understand, its not just beneficial on a short term but also on a long term, because once Ukraine joins EU, You expect foreign companies to invest in Ukraine so instead of them employing foreign nationals or importing foreigners to occupy key positions then Ukrainians can occupy them easily because of Language proficiency.
Most Ukrainian kids can't speak English, so this would help them , and this would also reduce the cost of English lessons .
I hope he gets public support on this Law.

I really wish Ukrainian Government can make process of Citizenship easy and also enable dual citizenship also.
There is no point hiding the fact, a lot of Ukrainians have dual citizenship, but making it official will help the government trace criminals location,monitor citizens,join EU
These laws are more relevant than the LGBTQ narrative..

слава україні