On this Day of the Air Defense Forces, the journalists of Kyiv Post wish the defenders of Ukraine’s skies health, professional growth and, above all, maximum success in their very important work!

We are eyewitnesses to your efforts. We live in the capital. For us, the missile raid alarms are not theoretical. Our families are here. We know what it looks like when a Kremlin weapon hits a home or a business in our city.

We have seen, with our own eyes, how rarely that happens, and who is responsible for our safety. We cheer when your gun teams in pickups take out drones. We pray when your missiles fly to intercept Kinzhals and cruise missiles the Russians have aimed at us. When autocannon firing in the middle of the night wakes us up, we are, to be honest, a little nervous, but we are also reassured: we know that it’s you protecting us!


To every man and woman in Ukraine’s air defense forces, from the regular military to the territorial defense to the civilian volunteers, we thank you for your professionalism, sacrifice and skill!


Good luck and good hunting!


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