Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24, the UN estimates that there have been over 10 million border crossings into and out of the country.

Data from UNHCR shows that 6,180,345 Ukrainian refugees have recently been registered in Europe, and as of Tuesday, refugees from Ukraine have entered Poland, Romania, Moldova, Hungary, Russia, Slovakia, and Belarus, with many being forced to relocate within war-torn Ukraine.

Since February, Poland has reported that 5.15 million people have crossed their borders. In addition, Hungary and Romania have both reported over one million crossings.

According to the UN, nearly four million Ukrainian refugees have applied for temporary residence in a neighbouring country from Ukraine. Ultimately, Ukraine’s neighbours have taken in the most refugees.


“It is one of the largest forced displacement crises since World War II, and certainly the fastest,” cites the newest Global Trends report from the UNHCR.

The UN also praised Poland last month for assisting refugees fleeing Ukraine, as more than 1.2 million refugees are thought to be currently living in Poland with many of them are being welcomed as guests in the homes of locals.

However, many Ukrainian refugees have also been forcibly relocated to Russia, where they are subjected to violations of their human rights. Nearly two million border crossings from Ukraine to Russia were documented by the UN.

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For the first time in history, more than 100 million people are displaced from their homes due to forced migration from Burkina Faso and Myanmar, as well as the millions who are fleeing the Ukraine.

This indicates that 1 in every 78 people on the planet have had to flee from extreme poverty, hunger, conflict, or violence.

According to the UN, it was a dramatic milestone that few would have expected a decade ago”. The organisation tweeted, “This is a political crisis, and it will be only solved with solidarity and political will.”

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