A representative of the Ukrainian Intelligence Directorate, Vadym Skibitsky, commented to Radio Svoboda that Russian marines are refusing to serve in the war with Ukraine.

“About two hundred servicemen of the 810th brigade refused to return to the territory of southern Ukraine, which, according to our data, has delayed the process of restoration and combat coordination of the battalion tactical group of this brigade,” Skibitskyi said.

According to Skibitskyi, combat potential, combat experience, and those specialties that are critical for such units are currently lacking.

“Secondly… if there are no trained specialists [nor] clear coordination of the unit, then the combat potential and the entire brigade will decrease,” he emphasized.


Since February, at least 1,793 Russian servicemen have refused to take part in the war in Ukraine and not all have managed to return home. Previously, the media reported dozens of Russian soldiers being held in the city of Bryanka, Lugansk region.

On July 21, the Russian media Verstka, reported that a particular center is being formed in the Luhansk region, where Russian servicemen who refuse to fight in Ukraine are taken. There are at least 234 militants from different military units who are being held in basements and garages.

According to Russian human rights organizations and the media, since the beginning of the war, servicemen from 22 regions of Russia have refused to fight in Ukraine. According to the mothers of these servicemen, the soldiers had neither uniforms nor food.

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“Russia is banking on Europe and the West going soft, and some in Europe are playing along,” von der Leyen told the European Parliament.

A human rights activist confirmed the same information, stating that the servicemen faced problems with uniforms and supplies, and “the weapons came across as faulty.” Some returned with frostbitten limbs and a few people have reportedly suffered disabilities as a result.

The Free Buryatia Foundation reported on a case where 150 contract soldiers from the 5th separate guard’s tank brigade of military unit 46108 wrote reports about their refusal to participate in the Ukrainian conflict.


On July 19, the head of the Free Buryatia Foundation stated that about 500 more Buryats wanted to leave the Russian army.

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