Ukraine's anti-corruption watchdog said on Thursday, August 3, that it detained an armed forces official accused of helping draft-age men flee the country in exchange for a cash payment.

Since Kyiv introduced martial law after Russia's invasion last year, able-bodied men between 18 and 60 have been forbidden from leaving the country and may be called up for military service at any time.

Ukraine's State Bureau of Investigation said in a statement that the official, who worked in the Kyiv city administration and headed a department in the army, had issued false documents declaring men unfit for military service.

Men who are able to provide these documents are allowed to cross the border.

"The price of the service for one person was $10,000," it said, adding that the suspect had been caught red-handed as he transferred documents to three people.


As Russia's invasion drags into its second year, Ukraine has relied on the draft to replace losses and pursue its counteroffensive.

Attempts to dodge the draft were already common in Ukraine and Russia before the war.

In January, authorities introduced measures allowing civil servants and employees working in critical sectors to be exempted from the army, in a bid to stop the drain of draft-age men.

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Brian Stanfill
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I’m an USAF veteran. Ukrainian men are being helped by Americans and other allies. I promise that the war materials you receive from Americans comes with a very big catch… we gladly help those who help themselves. Earlier, the bravery shown by Ukrainian men was so moving to Americans that they wanted to help. Stories like this where a few money paying cowards and the disgraceful traitors who facilitate there cowardice hurt Ukraine’s image. Even though the majority are brave, these few will have more damaging impacts than exceed their human worth to the nation of Ukraine. Go after corruption and cowardice with the same vigor you take towards the Russian soldiers. If you don’t, these stories will totally sour the limited support you feel you have now. This is Ukraine’s crucible, your fight alone to win. Be the brave men we believe you are and end the lack of corruption scrutiny as your not doing it hard enough. End the acceptance that cowards only humiliate themselves, No their cowardice stains Ukraine. Your capable of leaving this war with a legacy of valor for your nation that future allies will admire. You bare all of the risk alone, don’t blow it.
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Those trying to dodge service should be publicly named and shamed for all to see.
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10 years in jail is enough to deter others.