France has condemned Russia strikes that killed seven people including a newborn baby as "unacceptable acts that constitute war crimes that cannot remain unpunished."

"These new attacks on civilian populations shows once again Russia's complete disregard of all the principles of international humanitarian law, which it has blatantly and repeatedly violated," a foreign ministry spokeswoman said.

Seven people including a newborn baby, her 12-year-old brother and their parents were killed on Sunday by Russian shelling in the southern Ukrainian region of Kherson, officials said.

Also among the victims was a Christian pastor, officials said, adding that another 13 people received injuries, AFP reports.

The three adults and two children were killed in the village of Shyroka Balka in the region of Kherson, Interior Minister Igor Klymenko said on messaging app Telegram, releasing pictures showing the aftermath of the shelling attack.


One photo showed a column of black smoke rising above a house.

"A husband, wife and their 23-day-old daughter were killed by enemy artillery fire," Klymenko wrote. The couple's 12-year-old son was hospitalised in critical condition and later died, Klymenko said in a separate statement.


In the village of Stanislav two men aged 57 and 71 were killed, officials said.

One of the victims was identified as a Christian pastor. Another 13 people were injured as a result of Russian shelling, Klymenko said.

"Terrorists must be stopped. They must be stopped by force," he said.

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The Russian Deputy Defense Minister who oversaw the supposed restoration of occupied Mariupol after its destruction by Kremlin forces is suspected of taking a 1 million ruble bribe.

Kherson was one of four regions in Ukraine that President Putin claimed to have annexed last year.

Late last year, Russian troops withdrew from the city of Kherson but Moscow has continued to target settlements in the region.

Pro-Russian officials for their part said that a civilian died due to Ukrainian shelling in the settlement of Zaitsevo in the eastern Ukranian region of Donetsk.

In the settlement of Severny in the same region a man was killed and a woman received injuries, officials said.

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Pat Frankewicz
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"France has condemned Russia strikes..." Political translation = "France is willing to use harsh words to help stop Putin's war on Ukraine." Likelihood of success = 0.001 %. The UN and NATO are contemplating issuing similar "harsh words". Note that the UN written statement approval process may take three to six months, and only if the verbiage is unanimously approved by the Security Council - on which, Russia sits.

I can see Putin laughing at the ridiculousness of these pathetic attempts by Western Nations to appear to be sincere and angry, yet also to, "...substantively help Ukraine protect its people from further Russian terrorism." Yeah, right - like more words and threats are going to make any difference.

China, North Korea, Iran, Syria and every other despot Nation is watching and learning from Putin. If Putin can get away with such evil deeds then so can they. And yes, Putin DOES continue to inflict atrocities day in and day out because no one, except Ukraine, is really really trying to stop (or injure or kill) him.

Has anyone started a GoFundMe campaign to pay for Putin's assassination? President Zelensky, I will be your first donor if your Defense Minister will get the ball rolling on this. But you have to be politically correct, so use a fake title like, "Help me spank VP for being a bad boy". That should appease all the UN and NATO lawyers and bureaucrats.