A Russian soldier and his partner have been overheard in an intercepted phone call laughing and joking about the torture of a captured “saboteur.” 

The conversation, published by Ukraine's Military Intelligence (HUR), begins with the woman asking for details of how the soldier captured the victim, adding their friend is “extremely interested in this case.”

Call Seryoga! He heard about saboteurs and became quite interested,” she says. Sanya Timokhin also sends his regards to you.”

The soldier then obliges with some vague details about the incident.

"You say hello to him too, he replies. “A saboteur sits, his hat pulled over his head, and his hands tied with tape.”


The woman then demands more details, asking: “He [Serioga] asks which side he came from.

And I say, how do I know from which side he came - from the north or the south? So he asked you to call him because he can't think about anything else.” 

The soldier then goes on to describe what he intends to do to the victim.

"We're going to cut his fingers off now," he says. “We'll dismember him to get information. He'll tell us everything... where he came from, and who sent him...

He then jokes: “Maybe someone needs a heart, kidneys, or lungs there?

 "You're a fool, Danya," the woman replies, laughing.

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 The soldier adds: "Sanya Timokhin doesn't need a heart, lungs, kidneys, right?"

Though the call has not been independently verified, intercepted phones calls published by Ukraine’s military intelligence have provided numerous insights into the situation faced by Russians over the last few months, particularly soldiers.

 Some of the more interesting ones include:

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