Children of Heroes is a charity fund co-founded by Ukrainian private banker Dan Pasko. Its aim is to offer help to children orphaned by Russia’s war against Ukraine.

In the aftermath of the full-scale invasion of Feb. 24, 2022, the Odesa-born businessman envisioned an organization that would serve as a lifeline for children who have lost their parents. This tragic event has been imprinted in the collective memory of Ukrainians and the global community, sparking a firm determination to safeguard the future of Ukrainian children whose lives have been changed forever by this war.

Dan Pasko, along with many Ukrainian businessmen and parents, found themselves united by the desire to do something – in terms of not only of humanitarian aid, but also comprehensive support for every child’s developmental age. Pasko’s life experience, marked by the loss of his father during his childhood, has endowed him with a great sensitivity to the psychological impact of such tragedies on a child. He understood firsthand what emotional and psychological trauma Ukrainian children would face following the loss of a parent. He has also rediscovered the ability of community to create a lasting positive influence on a child’s life.


Dan Pasko

“It’s hard to even imagine what children who lost their parents went through, but I try to support and help them in every possible way, using all the possibilities of our foundation,” Pasko said.

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From these intentions and a shared vision, the Children of Heroes Charity Fund was born. Its inception marked the beginning of a journey dedicated to nurturing the hopes and dreams of Ukrainian children. The Fund quickly achieved impactful success in Ukraine and now aspires to achieve success on the global stage, seeking international donors to meet the growing needs of young orphans who survived the conflict.

In a short period of time, the Children of Heroes Charity Fund has provided a total of $4.2 million in aid to children and their families. Initially, the Fund was financed by the co-founders. Subsequently, partners and donors also joined the initiative. Now the team is working to attract international donors with the aim of creating a platform that fosters a global presence.


The Foundation’s independent board of directors has developed strict criteria for allocating the funds awarded to the various initiatives. The Fund is based on comprehensive support for children who have lost one or both parents, ensuring access to vital education, medical and psychological care, social integration and critical emergency aid.

Children need immediate support. And as children evolve, so Children of Heroes has also begun offering a comprehensive support system up until the age of 18.

The Foundation’s projects are divided into the following programs:


Rebuild housing for children who have lost their parents and homes due to the war. This program prioritizes buildings that need to be repaired and restored quickly.

Currently, $62,850 is needed to restore the destroyed homes.


Hundreds of children entrusted to the Foundation attend English courses, pre-school training and professional and creative circles. Children also receive the necessary tools to get an education: laptops, tablets, stationery, backpacks, etc. Many children have been evacuated to other countries, so knowing English helps them adapt to their new environment and communicate with their new peers.


The annual cost of this program is $95,500.


Thousands of Ukrainian children have suffered psychological and physiological trauma as a result of the war. The Foundation can provide children with immediate psychological rehabilitation to overcome the loss of their loved ones. Furthermore, the children entrusted to the Foundation receive medical assistance.

Primary needs

Provide the children entrusted to our care with the numerous daily necessities they will need: baby food, warm and seasonal clothing and shoes, diapers, strollers and more.

It is the most resource-intensive program, requiring more than $273,250 annually.

As Ukraine rebuilds itself towards a brighter future, Children of Heroes remains an emblem of hope and a promise that this can happen one child at a time. The journey has just begun and heralds the dawning of a more compassionate and enlightened world for these children, children of our heroes.

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