Yevgeny Prigozhin, the Wagner Private Military Company (PMC) Chief, has shown up in a video message reportedly filmed in an African country. The Grey Zone Telegram channel shared the video, which is connected to PMCs.

“We’re working in extreme heat, around 50°C (122°F). It’s just the way we like it. Wagner group is doing reconnaissance and search operations. Wagner is making Russia greater and Africa freer,” Prigozhin said, standing in front of the camera in military uniform.

He said that his mercenaries, whom he labeled “bogatyrs” [stock character in old East Slavic legends, akin to a knight-errant – ed.], are keeping their promises and successfully completing their missions.

“We’re harassing groups like ‘ISIS,’ ‘Al-Qaeda,’ and others.”


However, he didn’t reveal exactly where he was or what his group was doing in Africa.

After Wagner’s aborted march on Moscow at the end of June, Prigozhin called off the fledgling coup after an intervention by Belarus leader Alexander Lukashenko.

He agreed to host Wagner in his country and, in line with the agreement, the mercenaries were ordered to return to their field camps, and all charges against Prigozhin were dropped, facilitating his relocation to Belarus.

However, according to Kremlin sources, Wagner’s mercenaries in Belarus are withdrawing back to Russian territory by bus in batches of 500-600.

African Students Become Latest Group Selected as Russian Cannon Fodder
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African Students Become Latest Group Selected as Russian Cannon Fodder

The Kremlin’s hunger for fresh meat for its war in Ukraine is insatiable, with African students, desperate to retain their residency rights, the latest group to catch the “selector’s eye.”

The first stage of the withdrawal has reportedly already been completed and the second stage will begin after Aug. 13.

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