More than 1,000 servicemen of the Armed Forces of Great Britain are taking part in the training of the Ukrainian fleet, which suffered heavy losses at the beginning of the Russian invasion, particularly in the Black Sea. Moreover, the British Navy reported that they hunted down the infamous “Severodvinsk” nuclear submarine and Akula-class attack “Vepr” submarine.


The UK-led military training includes underwater submarine hunting, and involves 1, 000 British service personnel.


The training program also includes weapons handling, battlefield first aid, fieldcraft, patrol tactics training, and armed conflict laws. 


On July 22, Deputy Defense Minister of Ukraine, Volodymyr Havrylov, visited Scotland to meet with British Defense Minister James Heappey, and personally observe the exercises. For security reasons, the exact location of the activities was not announced. 



Havrylov and Heappey watched as Ukrainian recruits studied weapons exercises, operating mechanisms aboard Navy ships exercises, and advanced ship damage control techniques.


“I saw the brotherhood of Ukrainian and British soldiers who are working together to achieve a common goal – strengthening the fighting capacity of the Ukrainian army,” reported the Deputy Defense Minister of Ukraine.


“We are very grateful to the government and people of the United Kingdom for their invaluable contribution to Ukraine’s success in countering the Russian aggressors,” he added. 

‘Guided by Love for His Country’ – Ukraine at War Update for July 22
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‘Guided by Love for His Country’ – Ukraine at War Update for July 22

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“Obviously, the situation is very difficult in Ukraine now. We all understand the urgency of the task. So, it is a professional privilege to work with the Ukrainian Navy, which is incredibly mission-focused. And that inspires my team to provide them with the best training possible,” the captain of a minesweeper in the British Navy reported. 


In addition, the British Navy submarine tracked Russia’s Northern Fleet submarines after they surfaced separately, northwest of Bergen, Norway.



HMS Portland reported that they tracked the pair of Russian submarines while traveling underwater along the Norwegian coast from the Arctic.


On July 22, the British Navy reported that they hunted down the RF cruise missile “Severodvinsk” submarine and Akula-class attack “Vepr” submarine.


In addition, a British Navy submarine followed the Akula-class attack “Vepr” submarine.


The British Navy Type 23 frigate and its specialist Merlin helicopter are equipped with top-grade sonars, sensors, and torpedoes, to successfully carry out submarine-hunting operations. 


A Navy spokesman reported that HMS Portland interacted with the RAF’s new long-range maritime patrol aircraft, the P8 Poseidon, to implement the idea. 

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