While the Ukrainian army is waiting for Germany to supply air defense systems and armored vehicles to accelerate the Great Victory, we are engaging German companies to support and restore Ukraine's economy.

For example, NEST and Baywobau Invest signed a Memorandum of Cooperation, so we have a joint plan for a long-term partnership in the field of development.  Together with our German partner, we will invest in the construction of residential and mixed-use complexes in Ukraine. Our plans are designed for a long-term perspective over several years.

"We have to use every chance to revitalize the economy, wounded by thousands of problems. And our memorandum with Baywobau Invest shows the feasibility of cooperation with foreign partners, despite all the war risks. We have learned to live one day ahead, and "tomorrow" has become an abstract term. However, only by thinking about the future and investing in it now we can bring the Victory closer and return to a peaceful life," said Emil Solovyov, CEO of NEST.

Investments, especially such significant ones, in wartime are not just crucial support for Ukrainian business. It is a demonstration of a powerful German partner's faith in our Victory, a real contribution to the beginning of the reconstruction of Ukraine as we see it in our dreams. We hope that our joint step with Baywobau Invest will become a seed that will add weight in favor of similar decisions by other foreign investors and Ukrainian businesses. 


The fact that the Memorandum is based on the firm intentions of long-term cooperation is also evidenced by the long history of Baywobau Invest. The company has been operating in the German market for over 55 years and is proud of its projects in Berlin, Munich, Leipzig, and Dresden. The company's philosophy is that "concrete gold" has no expiration date, and real estate is one of the most reliable investments. The legendary German quality starts at the stage of choosing a location for future construction and ends with the quality of life in a new building. This is the quality that Ukrainians have earned during the war.

Serbia and Ukraine are Closer than it Seems
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Serbia and Ukraine are Closer than it Seems

Serbia is much closer to Ukraine than some other countries who think that by imposing sanctions on Russia, they have done enough for Ukraine and its people

Searching for and attracting international partners willing to invest in Ukraine even during martial law should be a priority for conscious Ukrainian businesses. Therefore, NEST will continue to work on unlocking the investment potential of the new Ukraine for foreign companies.

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At least the Germans had the decency to be ashamed of the Nazis, the Russians not so much, their brutality seems to be inbred.