A Russian soldier has revealed remarkable details of the Kakhovka Dam disaster in June, claiming his unit took heavy losses after being caught in the wave of water that flooded the area.


In an intercepted phone call released by Ukraine's Military Intelligence (HUR), the man is heard discussing the current situation on the front lines when he compares the dire circumstances facing him now with that earlier this summer.


“We got caught in the f**king wave when we blew the f**king dam,” he says. “Those of us who managed to swim out swam out, and then the f**kers in their underpants were removed from the trees.”


The dam was blown in the early hours of the morning when many Russian troops would have been asleep.


The soldier then implies that Russian military authorities tried to hide the true scale of their losses, adding: “And they said that only seven people were missing, stinking c***s.”


The destruction of the dam in southern Ukraine on Tuesday June 6, unleashed mass flooding, forcing thousands of residents to flee and wreaking environmental havoc.


Russia, through its proxy officials in Kherson, blamed Ukrainian forces for destroying the dam both without offering any proof or explanation of the rationale as to why it would be any advantage for Kyiv to do so.


All available evidence – including the testimony of its own troops above – suggests Russia deliberately blew the dam.

ISW Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, February 27, 2024
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ISW Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, February 27, 2024

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The soldier also discusses more recent events, saying his unit is being transferred to the Zaporizhia region where Ukrainian forces have made significant gains in recent weeks.


He says: “Those [Russian troops] who were there got f**ked. We need to get “f**ked too, we’ve done very little.”


The soldier then goes on to say he expects the fighting to go on “two years at least” because Ukrainian forces “are biting back really hard.”


Though the intercepted call has not been verified, analysis of such conversations by Ukraine’s intelligence services indicates that Russia’s military finds itself in a dire situation in the face of Ukraine’s ongoing counteroffensive.



Previous calls include:


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A Ruskie in his underwear up in a tree - I’d pay a lot of money to see that!