President Volodymyr Zelensky, in his speech at the meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group (UDCG), stated that the Russian Federation cannot afford a new arms race, while also sharing his vision of a just end to the war in Ukraine.

"You all know that Moscow’s ambitions have never been limited to Ukraine,” Zelensky said at the meeting of the Ramstein group, which is ongoing at the NATO HQ in Brussels.

“And we all want these ambitions to be defeated in Ukraine – as soon as possible, this is the best opportunity – so that we don’t have to look for shells and supply tanks to other countries in Europe, Asia or Africa that the Russian dictator may try to turn into ruins or seize into his crazy empire or zone of influence,” he said.


Zelensky named three points that are needed to speed up the just end of this war.

“Let me emphasize: a just end. Full protection of our sovereignty, full restoration of our territorial integrity, full guarantee of Ukraine’s security after the aggression,” Zelensky said.

According to Zelensky, “It is Ukrainian courage and your support that determine what is happening on the battlefield and, most importantly, what will happen on the battlefield. And although the occupiers are still trying to storm our positions, although our defense and counteroffensive actions are very difficult – it is still Ukraine, it is our soldiers who determine the course of events. Russia cannot handle this war on its own.”

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Zelensky said that a “significant part” of the answer to the question of when this war will end is related to air defense.

“Everyone can see what the protection of the sky gives,” said Zelensky. “It is a guarantee that there will be normal life in the cities. There will be an economy. There will be people.”

Long-range air defense, according to him, can also ensure the functioning of our corridors in the Black Sea and the Danube region. Air defense will ensure that Russian jets will not be able to approach our borders, which will help solve the issue of Russia’s guided weapons.


“We all need this kind of push now. A step forward in our defense. Air defense. For Ukraine, this will be a victory of life. It is vital. For Russia, it will be a failure of its key strategy – the strategy of terror,” Zelensky said.

We need “children to be able to study at schools, not online. And we need people to live not only from one air alarm to another, but based on their plans for days, weeks… better – months. When this happens, the majority of our people who have found temporary refuge abroad will start to come back,” he said.

“We must win the winter battle against terror. We can win it. And along with it, we can win the battle for how and on whose terms this war will end,” Zelensky said.

“We need to get this instrument out of Russia’s hands – the instrument of terror. The answer is air defense and other types of weapons, the list of which we will discuss, and my team will share with you.

“And above all, please remember that this will not only help to bring a just end to the war for us but will also keep the war away from you, from your borders and the borders of your allies,” Zelensky summarized, indicating the continued need for allies, especially the US, to provide military aid to keep the pressure on Russian forces.


For the moment the exact timing and funding the US will provide in new aid for Kyiv is in doubt. But even in the absence of further action by Congress, the US government still has the authority to withdraw more than $5 billion in equipment for Ukraine from American military stocks.

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