Today, Oct. 12, Lviv’s water supply network has been temporarily shut down following the rupture of a major pipe in the city’s water system, and the main avenue in the downtown area is flooded, leaving cars and pedestrians to navigate small rivers in the streets and crosswalks. Repair teams are already on the spot working to restore the system before this evening.

The Lviv City Council reported the burst of a 600 mm diameter in the city’s central area. Technicians have turned off the water supply to the micro district around Svobody Avenue, which is the main street of Lviv and borders the famous Lviv Opera.

Svobody Avenue was literally built on the Poltva River. Previously, the Poltva freely flowed through the city center, and its two banks were connected by bridges. At the turn of the 19th century, after many years of preparation, Lviv’s civil engineers relocated the river to an underground tunnel and created a promenade in its place above ground, and in those places where the bridges led, squares appeared – Mickiewicz, Pidkova and others.


“Currently, the water supply in the city center has been turned off. There are also possible complications of traffic on this part of the road,” the city council said.

The city’s Department of Housing and Infrastructure, said they plan to complete the work and restore the water supply by 17:00, with water trucks available until then.

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If traffic is difficult, then pedestrian crossings are completely in the water. Photos and videos from social networks show residents of Lviv trying to bypass flooding, but the scale of the accident is significant.


The city council apologized for the temporary inconvenience.

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