In the town of Kreminna, Luhansk Region, Russian soldiers have reportedly shot numerous Ukrainian civilians, according to Serhiy Haidai, head of the Luhansk Region Military Administration, who cites daily reports of terror in the town. “Facts of killings are being collected and verified,” Haidai said on July 7.

Haidai also said local collaborators are helping the invaders hunt for people in the occupied city who remain loyal to Ukraine.

“Everybody knows that the Russians persecute locals with pro-Ukrainian views and those who simply refuse to collaborate with them. The terror is Kreminna has reached a high level: people are shot right on the streets. Local collaborators help the occupiers. They give away those who are for Ukraine and give them the addresses,” He wrote on Facebook.


According to Haidai, after a series of explosions and fires at Russian depots and bases in the occupied territories, the Russian military banned locals from use cell phones, suspecting that they might send the coordinates of Russian units to the Ukrainian army.

“As part of their punitive operations in Kreminna, they don’t allow anyone to use a cell phone – film something or make a call or send an SMS, or even carry it. The situation is very tough there,” said the governor.

In addition, Russian forces are said to be forcing people to work via threats of violence; for example, those who are employed in the field of management and in the economic sector. The occupiers are reported to persecute not only people with a pro-Ukrainian position, but also those who refuse to cooperate with the occupying “authorities”. Men who agree to go to work are usually given summonses for war against Ukraine instead of money, Haidai claimed.

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