What’s believe to be a drone attack struck an arsenal in Russia’s southwestern Volgograd region overnight Wednesday.

Russian media reported that locals said they first heard a sound characteristic of a drone, followed by several explosions before a fire broke out.

Videos posted on social media appear to show the monet of detonation.

According to the independent Russian media outlet ASTRA, 630 people were evacuated after explosions, including 379 military personnel, 251 civilian employees and three children.

However, “there were no casualties or damage to civilian facilities,” the governor of the region, Andrei Bocharov said in a Telegram post.

Andriy Yusov, a representative of Ukraine’s intelligence service (HUR), neither confirmed nor denied Ukraine's involvement speaking to the Ukrainian news outlet Hromadske.


However, Yusov indicated that the arsenal hit was Russia’s “Main Missile and Artillery Directorate,” military unit number 57229-51, storing artillery ammunition.

Bocharov acknowledged the fire in his region, but gave no cause for it.

“There was a fire on the territory of one of the military units near the village of Kotluban. The fire was promptly localized and extinguished by the regional fire service, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Ministry of Defense,” he said.

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