Kyiv’s Main Directorate of Intelligence (HUR) released footage of a covert nighttime raid, with Ukrainian special ops soldiers infiltrating coastal water controlled by the Russian Black Sea Fleet on jet skis and motorized rafts and landing on the territory of the occupied Crimean Peninsula.


The HUR, Ukraine’s military intelligence agency collects data on enemy movements, which conducts lethal covert operations, and coordinates partisan activities against Russian occupiers, released the video on Thursday, Nov. 16.

The operations were carried out by special ops soldiers of the “Stugna” and “Bratstvo” as part of the special forces of the HUR’s “Tymyr” unit. The footage shows them planning, organizing, prepping for, and executing the infiltration operation under the cover of darkness.

The video touts the feats of the Special Forces of the Defense Intelligence troops, saying they “continue their glorious combat path, demonstrating courage and composure during combat missions.”

Seen in the video is every detail of the special forces’ nighttime operations: the scouts devise their plan, plot their infiltration to their target objectives on their maps, prepare their weapons and equipment, and finally go to sea on black and gray jet skis and inflatable boats.

On Oct. 4, in its well-publicized operation, Ukraine’s special forces landed in Crimea and engaged Russian troops in a fierce battle, inflicting serious losses on the occupying Russian soldiers. Objectives of that included sabotage and reconnaissance of forces on the occupied peninsula, and additionally to demonstrate the ability to covertly infiltrate the territory, engage the enemy, and extract their forces back to safety once the mission was complete.

What The Washington Post Missed About Ukraine’s Counteroffensive
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What The Washington Post Missed About Ukraine’s Counteroffensive

The Washington Post just published an analysis of what went wrong with Ukraine’s counteroffensive. Though largely concurring, our take is that it was all about the training – and still is.

“Our HUR soldiers engaged in battle against a significantly larger enemy force and successfully executed their assigned tasks,” announced the HUR at the time.

Previously, on Ukrainian Independence Day, Aug. 24, at about 5 a.m., Ukrainian special operations forces landed on the territory of the Crimean Peninsula with the participation of the Navy.

During the mission, the Ukrainian defenders engaged in combat contact with units of the Russian army. As a result, the enemy suffered losses among the personnel, enemy equipment was destroyed. Also, demonstrating that the Crimean Peninsula is Ukraine’s, the soldiers hoisted the Ukrainian national flag.

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That is quite the armada there. I counted six watercraft or so, none military, in the video. But the production value is clearly targeting the US public.