Rinat Akhmetov, a Ukrainian businessman and owner of Azovstal metallurgical plant in Mariupol, filed a lawsuit on June 27 in the European Court of Human Rights (the Court) against the Russian Federation.

He seeks compensation for gross violations of his property rights during Russia’s unprovoked military aggression against Ukraine.

In addition to uncountable human suffering, the Russian invasion led to the massive destruction of Ukrainian infrastructure. The Russian artillery bombardment of Azovstal destroyed the last stronghold of the Ukrainian resistance and showed the international community the extent of Russia’s gross violation of international law and human rights.

As the owner of Azovstal and other industrial enterprises targeted by the Russian armed forces, Akhmetov is doing everything possible to bring Russia to justice for its path of physical and economic destruction in Ukraine.


In addition to this complaint, Akhmetov asked the Court to convey to Russia that its actions, which are creating a global food crisis, and the steps being taken to further damage the Ukrainian economy, are unacceptable.

“The looting of Ukrainian goods for export – including grain and steel – has already led to rising prices and an increase in the number of people dying of hunger worldwide. This barbarism must be stopped, and Russia must pay in full. I believe in justice, and I will fight for it,” Akhmetov vowed.

The Ukrainian businessman is seeking damages from the Russian Federation for violating property rights. Although the exact amount of compensation cannot yet be determined due to the ongoing war, Russia is expected to pay billions of dollars to Akhmetov.

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