Nov. 21, 2013, saw the start of a mass protest action on Kyiv's Maidan central square against the government's backdown on the signing of the Association Agreement with the European Union.

The then-president Viktor Yanukovych's decision, made under Russian pressure, was the last straw that broke the people's patience, sparking mass countrywide protests.

It was then that the overwhelming majority of Ukrainians understood that Yanukovych had deceived and betrayed them once again by making a civilizational choice that ran counter to their desire to integrate with Europe.

By Nov. 24, the number of Maidan protesters exceeded 100,000. The Euromaidan protests triggered a series of dramatic events which would later be known as the Revolution of Dignity.

Today, we do not only pay tribute to the courage of Ukrainian patriots. We pay tribute to those whose dignity drove them to defend Freedom.


Ten years ago, Ukrainians started the fight for their own and for Europe's freedom, and they continue to fight. Dignity won then and it will win now!

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George Washington
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On the twenty first day of November, in the year of two-oh-one-three,
The Heroes of Ukraine there remember, how they stood up for their dignity,
With God by their side, how they stood there, the Heroes so brave and so true,
With their fathers before them they came and they stood, unflinching for Yellow and Blue!

Their stories won't grow old, they will be told and retold, how the Heroes stood straight and stood tall,
with their lives on the line, they stood time after time, and one of the bravest and brightest of all,
Volodymyr Zelenskyy won't run, when the cruel bastards come, come one or come many or come all,
"This is where I will stand on this beautiful land, until God makes the one final call!!!"

There is a beautiful land on out great God's right hand, where the bravest of heroes stand true,
And if we do our part, with a pure and brave heart, there is a place there for me and for you!
God give me strength, when the greatest tests come, when the bombs and the missiles like hail fall,
Let me stand like that man, until the end of my strength, until God makes his Great Final Call!

Then somewhere, sometime, when the great cannons roar, has faded with distance and time,
If I can still stand, let me stand by that man, and the men who stood through the snow and the grime.
On that beautiful day, when the sun shines so bright, and it seems that the shadows dissapear,
God bless Zelenskyy, and the Heroes of Ukraine, who gave all, for their friends they hold dear!!!
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It is inevitable that Ukraine’s future will be a thriving democracy within Europe. The decline of the Bear has already begun.