The European Union has presented a comprehensive framework for member states to provide Ukraine with long-lasting security commitments, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday, Nov. 21 after learning about the document.

The proposal will be discussed by EU ambassadors this week and set for consideration by leaders next month, emphasizing longer-term military support, training for Ukrainian forces, and assistance in bolstering the nation’s defense industry.

The project would be based on the following principles:

  • “predictable, effective, sustainable and long-term” military support for Ukraine, mobilizing the EU defense industry;
  • strengthening Ukraine’s fight against cyberattacks and hybrid threats, as well as disinformation;
  • support in the demining of territories;
  • assistance in carrying out the reforms necessary for joining the European Union;
  • assistance to Ukraine in controlling weapons and countering their illegal trafficking;
  • ensuring nuclear safety;
  • exchange of intelligence data and satellite images.

The draft paper will also form the basis of consultations with Kyiv and the Group of Seven (G7) nations.

In July, the G7, following the NATO summit, issued a collective statement wherein each member nation committed to long-term responsibilities concerning Ukraine’s security.


The G7 nations vowed to assist in equipping and training the Ukrainian Armed Forces, offering financial, technical, and political backing to Kyiv.

However, the response of the guarantor states in the event of potential Russian military aggression remains ambiguously articulated, primarily involving consultations on necessary support measures.

Furthermore, as EU leaders consider these proposals, challenges emerge in meeting commitments, notably the delayed provision of one million rounds of artillery ammunition by March 2024.

The EU’s initial plan to allocate €20 billion over four years for Kyiv’s weapons faces hurdles, with member states seeking agreement on at least €5 billion for the coming year.

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