Ukrainian President Zelensky has called for a swift ramp-up in the preparation of defensive capability, encouraging local communities to pitch in with the promise of funds to support the effort.

“There should be full appropriate work in the communities. Everything is absolutely detailed – there will definitely be enough mines and concrete for our state,” Zelensky said during his daily address on Tuesday.

“We need more speed and efficiency, and everyone who is responsible for this has clear tasks,” he added.

Despite receiving limited media attention, the president's call for action might outline a strategic imperative, given that it comes against the backdrop of growing fears that Russia may be preparing to launch a renewed offensive, Bloomberg reported.

The news outlet drew attention to what it indicates is an evolving situation at the front. It reported that since Ukraine launched its counteroffensive in June, it has failed to breach Russia’s front line, and in recent months there has been a halt in Ukrainian troop advances in the primary southern sector.


Moscow’s formidable defensive fortifications, coupled with the extensive minefields its forces have laid, have proven challenging for Ukraine to overcome.

In October, Russia launched a significant offensive in the Avdiivka region. Despite facing substantial losses in manpower and equipment, the Russian army has pushed on and gradually increased control over parts of the territory in this area.

From Bad to Worse – Russia Loses Another Fighter Bomber
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From Bad to Worse – Russia Loses Another Fighter Bomber

The loss of yet another Su-34 on Friday evening was almost overlooked because of media focus on the loss of a Beriev A-50 command aircraft just hours earlier.

On Monday – both official and open sources – reported Russian troops had captured fortified positions which Ukrainian forces had held for more than eight years on the southeastern edge of Avdiivka, near the Yasynuvata-2 railway station.

Russian infantry backed by tanks, strong artillery and systematic air strikes pushed Ukrainian troops out of nearly 90 percent of the city’s southeastern industrial district, reports said.

At the other side of the city, in the northern industrial area surrounding the Avdiivka Coke and Chemical plant, the Russians continue to threaten an already tenuous supply lifeline for Kyiv forces in the sector.


Western observers and Russian bloggers anticipate a potential large-scale offensive by Russia in the spring. Some suggest it might necessitate Ukraine to begin a general mobilization.

Serhii Nayev, the commander of the joint forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, recently said the war could spread beyond the eastern and southern areas if Russia continues its escalation in weapon production and military technology through alliances with its partners.

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In defence the Leppard A1 5 tanks will have no minefields to worry about. Provided the Leopards are protected by mobile MANPADs crews, and infantry to take out Russian anti tank missile crews, they will inflict disproportionate losses on Russian ground forces.
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Execution of Parners Commitment to agreed actions is far less effective than partners adjusting commitments and actions to achieve agreed strategic outcome. A paradigm shift is required
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A lot of useful planning and actions.
What is missing is clear commitment and alignment of all partners on agreed time lines for desired strategic outcomes
The actions then automatically adjust and scale accordingly