The UK's new Foreign Secretary will visit Washington from Wednesday, just days after warning that Russia “will be back for more” if President Putin isn’t “stopped in Ukraine.”

Writing in the British media over the weekend, David Cameron said the world needs to face up to the new global reality and there was “no point hoping for some magical return to the world as it once was.”

“The forces shaping it – a warmonger in the Kremlin, a more aggressive China, Islamist extremism poisoning young minds – these things aren't going to disappear overnight,” he said.

Cameron’s trip to the US will be a chance to “reaffirm the strength of the UK’s relationship with its closest strategic ally", the foreign office said in a statement on Sunday.


Cameron, who served as Conservative prime minister from 2010 to 2016, was named as Britain’s top diplomat on Nov. 13 as current premier Rishi Sunak shuffled his ministerial team, AFP reports.

He is due in the US capital on Wednesday where he will meet with “key members of the Biden Administration, including Secretary of State Antony Blinken, as well as meeting Republican and Democratic Congressional figures,” the foreign office said.

At the center of Cameron’s discussion will be “support for Ukraine in its fight against Russian aggression and work to de-escalate tensions in the Middle East.” it added.

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Cameron made his first overseas trip in his new post to Ukraine just days after he was appointed.

While in Kyiv, he promised that London would “continue to give you the moral support, diplomatic support, the economic support, but above all, the military support, that you need... for however long it takes.”

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you could have peace a year ago, by just beeing neutral - as switzerland for example. the best way. but, Boris Johnson said NO and paid Zelensky some Millions, All for neverending War and good Weapons production in Great Britain and USA. Stupod asshole Ukrainians. And other news. Klitscho: we cannot lie all the time to our Partners... wow. Well, I hate the russian Police and the criminal Mafia structure in russia. But in ukraine? it's the same shit when not even worse! EU/NATO for Ukraine will never happen, trust me