A group of Russian soldiers has recorded an expletive-laden video expressing their outrage at learning they will not be territorial defense soldiers as they thought, but would be assault troops sent to the front with no training.

Recorded at an unknown location, a group of men can be seen chanting “f**king commanders.”

The camera then pans to one soldier who launches into a furious tirade.

“Check this out,” he says. “We’ve been here since the 26th, f**king officers have been f**king lying to our faces that we are territorial defense.

“And now the lieutenant colonel came out and said it’s the first time he’s heard that, and it turns out we are a rifle unit.

“We are f**king assault troops, we are not territorial defense and they just tell us now!”


The man behind the camera then says none of the men have “even seen rifles yet,” a fact confirmed by the man in shot.

He adds: “Today we came to the polygon (shooting range) to throw some grenades and they tell us there are no f**king grenades.

“Didn’t even give us a bus back, we had to walk 10 kilometres to get back here.

“How are we supposed to fight with these officers? They’re gonna sell us out there in Ukraine, f**king bastards.”

It’s far from the first video showing angry Russian troops – earlier this month a video showed others complaining that their commanders send them to slaughter and leave the wounded to rot rather than issue evacuation orders.

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“We are abandoned. It looks so. Our command provides false information,” a soldier in the video says.

A soldier in the video recounts how his comrades found a can of stewed meat, diluted it with water from the Dnipro River and drank it for a week so as not to starve to death.

The Russian soldiers say that they have no documentary evidence that they are even at war.

In the video, a soldier opens up his military document, and shows that the third page, where his contract is supposed to be, is blank.

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