President Volodymyr Zelensky vowed to wreak "wrath" against Russian forces in 2024, hours before Ukraine saw attacks on the first day of the year.

Russia and Ukraine have seen an escalation in strikes in recent days, including an unprecedented assault on the Russian city of Belgorod that killed 24 people on Saturday.

The attack came a day after Moscow launched a barrage of missiles and drones at Ukrainian cities, killing 39 people in one of the biggest aerial attacks since the war began.

January 1 is a day of mourning in Ukraine's capital Kyiv, where 27 people had been killed, city officials said.

Just hours after midnight on New Year's Day, the Russian-installed head of the occupied Donetsk region said four people had been killed and 13 wounded in "massive shelling" from rockets on its main city.


In Ukraine's southern Odesa region, governor Oleg Kiper said one person died in a Russian drone attack, and three others were wounded.

And in western Ukraine's Lviv region, air defence systems shot down Russian drones in Monday's early hours, according to governor Maksym Kozytskyi.

Zelensky's televised New Year's address featured clips of Ukrainian artillery and fighter jets.

"Next year, the enemy will feel the wrath of domestic production," Zelensky said.

Ukraine will have at least "a million" additional drones in its arsenal next year, Zelensky added, as well as F-16 fighter jets delivered by its Western partners.

"Our pilots are already mastering F-16 jets, and we will definitely see them in our skies," he said.

Railway Station Destroyed After Russian Attack in Kostyantynivka
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Railway Station Destroyed After Russian Attack in Kostyantynivka

One person was injured in the attack, which also damaged the church and about a dozen houses and shops.

Despite billions of dollars worth of Western weapons, Ukraine struggled to make a major breakthrough in its 2023 counteroffensive against invading Russian forces.

Moscow has meanwhile ramped up pressure along the frontlines, capturing the eastern town of Marinka earlier in December and pushing for control of Kupiansk in the northeast.

Ukraine is urging Western allies to maintain military support.

Britain announced it would send hundreds more air-defence missiles to Kyiv, after Prime Minister Rishi Sunak declared: "We must continue to stand with Ukraine -- for as long as it takes."


Zelensky's counterpart President Vladimir Putin did not mention Ukraine in his traditional New Year's Eve address on Sunday, but praised Russia's soldiers on the front line and called for unity in the face of "difficult tasks".

"To all those who are on duty, on the front line of the fight for truth and justice," Putin said, "you are our heroes. Our hearts are with you. We are proud of you, we admire your courage."

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Kiwi Steve
This comment contains spoilers. Click here if you want to read.

"Despite billions of dollars worth of Western weapons, Ukraine struggled to make a major breakthrough in its 2023 counteroffensive against invading Russian forces."

Sort of true if you measure "success" by where lines are drawn on maps, but if you look at the figures listed on the landing page of this site, Russia (with the assistance of UDF) is proving very successful at demilitarizing Russian forces.

360,000 KIA
5983 Tanks destroyed
8482 Artillery destroyed
11,087 Armoured Vehicles
329 Aircraft
324 Helicopters
22 Ships
1 Submarine

22 of the KIA are Russian officers of the rank of Major General or above, about a 1000 are Lt, Captains or Majors- replacing these dudes with similarly experienced ones will take 8 - 10 years. Tanks, Russia can build about 20 per month, some days, that number gets taken out in one day.

Yeah, Russia is really nailing this one