According to reports by Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence (HUR), the Russian army is resorting to desperate measures to make up for losses among its armed forces by mobilizing men who have remained in the occupied territories.

“For example, Moscow has activated mechanisms to force mobilization in the occupied communities of the Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions,” the intelligence agency notes.

It is evident that Russia has issued written instructions to ensure that all conscription age men in settlements within those areas are immediately inducted into the military.

“In the case of failure [to abide by the] directives, farmers will be punished by fines of 400,000 rubles (about $4500), however, payment does not guarantee avoidance from participation in the war against Ukraine in the Russian army,” HUR reports.


Moscow continues to pursue its criminal policies of using ultimatums, threats, and repression of the population within the occupied territory of Ukraine.

Ukrainian intelligence emphasizes that the Kremlin’s “advisors” consider it currently impossible to announce large-scale mobilization in Russia, in advance of March presidential elections, which would have a negative effect on Putin’s standing in Russia, while those in occupied areas continue to suffer under this continuing wave of pressure.

Now everyone in these areas aged from 18 to 65 years old, and some 16- and 17-year-olds are under threat of forced mobilization – which Russia has been reporting as a “voluntary mobilization of students.”

Ukraine Urges West to Give it Frozen Russian Assets
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Ukraine Urges West to Give it Frozen Russian Assets

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This forced mobilisation of occupied people is another war crime. It is forbidden by law and every civilised convention.

Kiwi Steve
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@Ted, War crimes make no odds to Russia, their warped world view that "everyone is against us", is fast becoming a self fulfilling prophesy.

I'd love to see Ukraine not only take back every square inch of it's pre 2014 territory, but also a 100km demilitarized buffer zone.