Ukrainian Ambassador to the United States Oksana Markarova hopes that Ukraine will soon receive additional assistance from the United States, noting the continued strong bipartisan support for Kyiv in Congress.

"Based on my discussions at Capitol Hill, I can say clearly that we continue to have very strong bipartisan support despite these very difficult discussions, despite the fact that discussions are ongoing and we were unable to see passage of a relief package before Christmas, and discussions are still ongoing. But there is great progress in this," Markarova said during a panel discussion at the Ukraine House in Davos on Monday.

The ambassador emphasized that there are no discussions in Congress about whether to help Ukraine or not, but the question is about the issue of the southern border, which is tied to the aid package to Ukraine and Israel.


"And we are praying and talking to all our friends and allies and asking them to find a solution as quickly as possible so that we can move forward and get the support that we need, because we needed it yesterday," Markarova added.

She noted that now the issue of not only defense support, but also budgetary support is very important for Ukraine, since this is necessary for economic development and ensuring investment.

"I can tell you that Americans understand this fight and support it because we are fighting for the values on which America was founded. Now, how to move from support, from understanding to decision-making and getting the support that we need transformed into dollars and weapons, is the number one challenge. And I really hope that we have come to the end of this process and will soon receive additional support from Ukraine," the ambassador emphasized.

West Bad, Russia Strong – Key Points from Putin’s Latest Speech
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West Bad, Russia Strong – Key Points from Putin’s Latest Speech

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s latest address to the nation was mostly a repetition of previous rhetoric and did not address Transnistria’s appeal for Moscow’s protection.

Markarova pointed out that discussions are ongoing in democratic countries, and also "this is a very difficult election year." Therefore, as the diplomat explained, the question is how to go through democratic processes, "but at the same time, how to quickly make decisions."


"Because Iran, North Korea, Russia, Hamas are showing that they are capable of making quick decisions, helping each other and committing their terrible war crimes. Now the question is for democratic countries: can we do this? And I think that's one of the biggest discussions," she said.

In October, U.S. President Joseph Biden sent a request to Congress for financial assistance to Ukraine in the amount of $61.4 billion for a year, as well as $14.3 billion to strengthen Israel's defense. In addition, Biden has requested $13.6 billion to secure the U.S.-Mexico border and $7.4 billion for other national security priorities. In total, the U.S. President asked Congress for approval for additional funding in the amount of $106.7 billion.

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Reposting my comment from related article is it also applies here.


If you are an American reading this, I suspect you are here solely to support Ukraine. I say this because I suspect any American not interested in supporting Ukraine would not make the effort to seek out this site or post a comment. Those folks have other prioritizes or other sources for the information they seek.

So anyone....anyone..anyone saying they represent an American, with their fake western names, and making comments on this forum unsupportive of Ukraine is assuredly an MRGA russian troll.

That said, the ball is in your court to stop a domestic disaster that plays into Putins hands. The election of his good friend who leads the MAGA cult will in no way be good for Ukraine. This article says the same. 

Shift your historic party / candidate alliances if necessary to uphold the best of your country's principles. Pick a leader courageous enough to decisively stop putin regime's global crime spree.

Your country is probably the largest recipient of authoritarian regime launched hybrid wars, specifically targeted to cause domestic strife in the USA. If you are successful in stopping putin's regime, you will find so much of the disunity, cybercrime and border crisis's your country currently suffers from will fade. 

Good luck from your neighbour
Solomon Mokey
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Poisoned US generations and their failing democracy, the greatest threat to peace. So divided, unpredictable, and untrustworthy. Ukraine knows it, every soldier here understands the broken security guarantees, they're dying because of it.
When the US, other democracies, the UN fosters an emerging democracy it is not the US model. It's a multi-party parliament system, not a US two-party dictatorship where each ignores their promises and platform to keep themselves in power. When the elected party attempts to do something the opposing party agrees with, that party sabotages it disrespecting the citizenry. It's a statistical improbability both houses can endlessly be exactly divided, so poisoned the gerrymandering system that each manipulates.
Lobbying is called corruption everywhere else and illegal, wake up.
Your "free" press is either republican or democrat dispensing with balanced discord, sad "greatest" democracy when you have to leave the borders to get an accurate view of what is going on within them.
Can't resolve the racial divide, can't stop murdering each other including children in schools, can't make mandatory prison for illegal immigrant employers to end your border issues because big business agriculture has each dictatorship in it's pocket. Now you've tied the issue who's roots are corruption to Ukrainian citizen's dying for their freedom, you should be ashamed.