LATEST: Ukrainian Intel Confirms It Struck Russian Oil Depot and Gunpowder Factory

A fire triggered “by a Ukrainian drone” broke out at an oil depot in the Russian region of Bryansk, a town with around 60,000 residents situated approximately 70 kilometers (45 miles) from the Ukrainian border.

According to the regional governor, Alexander Bogomaz, the Ukrainian drone, “was suppressed by electronic warfare, but when destroyed, it was able to drop ammunition onto the territory of the Klintsy oil depot, which started a fire there…”

There were no reported casualties, but 13 fire trucks had to be deployed to battle the flames.

The Russian defense ministry claimed the drone was “destroyed,” and the Ukrainian attack was “foiled.”


However, a local rail operator revealed that a specially equipped train designed to handle large fires had arrived in Klintsy to assist in extinguishing the fire.

Assuring the public, the rail operator at first stated on Telegram that “the fire would not impact rail traffic in Klintsy.”

However, according to the latest reports, the railway station was closed, and all trains arriving in the city were halted far from the station.

On Thursday, Ukraine claimed responsibility for a drone attack on St. Petersburg in the northern Leningrad region, nearly 1,000 kilometers from Ukrainian territory.

It marks the first time the city has been attacked during the course of the war.

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Russia’s defense ministry said on Tuesday morning that it had shot down one drone near Moscow and intercepted another in the northwestern region of Leningrad, the region surrounding St Petersburg.

It did not provide details of any damage or casualties.

According to the Russian Baza Telegram channel, the drone’s wreckage fell between fuel oil tanks at the St. Petersburg Oil Terminal, Russia’s largest oil transshipment terminal in the Baltic region.

A Ukrainian security service source told Kyiv Post that there was damage to the oil terminal but did not provide further details.


“Also, during the operation, one of the drones flew over Valdai, where the personal estates of the Rothenbergs, Kovalchuk [members of Putin’s inner circle] and one of Putin’s palaces are located,” the source added.

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