Former American military intelligence officer Scott Ritter, a former UN weapons inspector in Iraq, and convicted pedophile, arrived in the temporarily occupied Kherson region at the Kremlin’s invitation to advance Moscow propaganda.

Ritter was convicted in 2011 of unlawful contact with a minor and five other charges and released on parole after 2.5 years in prison.

Ritter was guarded by Russian military intelligence directorate (GRU) agents in the occupied territories.

According to the Center of National Resistance (CNR), Russian troops have begun to intensify anti-Ukrainian propaganda in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine on the eve of the Russian presidential election.

Now, Russia has brought to the occupied Kherson region the foreign “expert” who has been relied upon by Russian propaganda since the beginning of the invasion in Ukraine. Ritter is currently creating materials for the Russian state-owned English-language media company Russia Today (RT) and frequently appears in Russian media.


Volodymyr Saldo, a Kherson collaborator and so-called “governor” of the Kherson region, announced Ritter’s arrival on his Telegram channel without mentioning his pedophile conviction.

“Scott Ritter said that Western propaganda, using lies as its main weapon in Europe and the United States, is instilling total Russophobia in people’s minds, trying to abolish Russian culture by artificially imposing forced Ukrainization instead,” Saldo said.

EU Backs Sanctions on Russian Propaganda Outlets As Part of Next Sanctions Package
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EU Backs Sanctions on Russian Propaganda Outlets As Part of Next Sanctions Package

While EU envoys did not yet specify the measures that will apply to the outlets, Russian media sanctioned over propaganda, such as Sputnik and RT, in previous rounds lost broadcasting rights.

Photo: Russian media


Ritter believes that Russia will win in the “confrontation with the West.” In a conversation with Saldo, Ritter allegedly said that the image of Stepan Bandera is an “infection for Ukraine.”

“It’s scary now because of Russophobia in America,” Ritter said. “The Aivazovsky Museum in the United States is listed as a museum of a Ukrainian mariner, not a Russian one. Everything connected with Russia is forbidden.”

Ritter's stay in the occupied territories of Ukraine is illegal, as it was not agreed with the Ukrainian side. The CNR expects that the tour of Russian agents of influence from the West will continue.

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